Kerbside Recycling Aberdeenshire

5 Mar 2024
Recycling Aberdeenshire

As the new kerbside collection service rolls into your area, you may notice your myAberdeenshire app behave strangely. Rest assured—all is well, and it will only be displayed like this once.

You may notice a gap week in your collections or your blue-lid bin taking up consecutive weeks.

Here’s why:

Your blue-lid bin is changing use to become for paper, card, and cardboard only—so will become a different bin type from “mixed recycling” to “blue lid bin recycling” on the app. So may take up a second week depending on your collection cycle.

And, because the app only shows the very next collection of each bin type, any gap week will vanish a day or so after the current next collection.

After this happens once for you on the app, each week will then be populated regularly with a different bin type as you will then fully be on the new service.

Pictured is a display of the myAberdeenshire app. The pictured example has a hidden black lid collection that you would need to scroll up to view and would populate the gap week once collected.

[Source Aberdeenshire Council] Click here for more information.