Autumn Conference Report

Information on the Party Conference in Edinburgh 4th November 2023

Some 230 members from across Scotland attended the conference, held in the Royal College of Physicians.

This was a new venue to the party and was a very modern and highly stylized building.

There were a wider range of motions and exhibitions. 

An innovation being trailed were the mini motions .These are short debates prompted by members and given an airing with a view to the party agreeing to look further into the topic with the aim of introducing policy through fully developed motions.

These are really tester of members opinion and as such are a great way of engaging with members,

Conference venue

Guest Speakers: Nazanin and Richard Radcliffe

One of the most moving sessions was an interview, hosted by Christine Jardine, with Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe and Richard Ratcliffe. Christine said she still has the blue flower Richard gave her when she went to visit him outside the Iranian Embassy when he was on hunger strike during Nazanin’s six year imprisonment in Iran.

Nazanin and Richard want British citizens to have a right to consular protection after the Foreign Office was so slow to help her. At the moment, the commitment is dependent on ministerial whim, and, if ministers are reshuffled, you have to build the relationship up all over again.

[Extract from The Liberal Voice article by Caron Lindsay]

Guest speakers
Alex Cole Hamilton - Leeaders Address

Alex Cole-Hamilton addresses the conference

Autumn Conference Leaders Address

Alex Cole-Hamilton delivered what will probably be the last leader's speech before the next General Election.

In this Alex laid out the path for the Liberal Democrats in Scotland as we move toward an election which many expect to see the party grow in Scotland.


Important Conference Motions Passed

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