Welcome, Failte, Velkommen, Bienvenue, Willkommen,

I realise that many who visit this site will be of different political persuasions and some who are inclined to favour the Party will not agree with the Party on every topic but everyone is welcome on our site. The fact that we are all entitled to our own views is something which everyone should welcome and recognise as a privilege which distinguishes democracies from totalitarian regimes. All views irrespective of whether or not readers share them should be respected.

Politeness and respect

With few exceptions politicians in democracies believe in the public good and each believes  the policy promoted by the individual or Party supported by the individual is the best policy for the neighbourhood, Council area or country. Others will disagree but the disagreement should be with the policy and there should be no personal attacks and no attack on democracy itself. Each of us is unique with both good and bad qualities but we should try to judge policies and avoid personal attacks. 

What do Liberal Democrats stand for?

Defining the fundamental beliefs of a political Party can be nuanced and obscured by details but Liberalism represents toleration, desires for equality of treatment and opportunity along with fairness. Few would openly disagree yet some are hostile to for example refugees, people of different backgrounds or race or religion. Albert Einstein was a refugee who was able to settle in the USA and contributed hugely to human knowledge and advancement but would someone with his abilities but yet unproven be welcome in Scotland/the UK today? Equality and fairness may mean helping some people more than others. Those who are poor or who live in areas which are “depressed” may need greater inputs from the State to achieve equality with others. In Scotland most of us attended State schools as opposed to private fee paying schools so to achieve equality of learning opportunities State schools should be of a good standard and the cost met by general taxation. Likewise we want to see the NHS providing a good standard of care for everyone. We do not oppose private education or healthcare for those who make that choice but that choice is not available to all. Few would disagree with such aims but the policies to implement them may be a matter of disagreement. Liberal Democrats have proposed increasing taxation to fund improved services.

For the more academically inclined the writings of John Locke, Montesquieu, J. S. Mill, J Rousseau, Voltaire, Jeremy Bentham and others may give some substance to the fundamental tenets and philosophy of liberalism.

Edward Acton, Honorary Presodent of Banffshire and Buchan Coast Scottish Liberal; Democrats