Aberdeenshire IJB Budget 2024-25 Agreed

21 Mar 2024

The Aberdeenshire Integration Joint Board (IJB), which oversees the Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) met today to agree the revenue budget for 2024/25. The Board agreed a revenue budget of £415.6m for the delivery of health & social care services across Aberdeenshire.

The IJB agreed a package of savings proposals tottaling £8.4m which includes the closure of three Minor Injury Units overnight, the ceasing of the Shared Lives Service, a consolidation of management structures and the rationalisation of the Older Adult Care Home portfolio. A further £7.5m worth of savings will need to be found in-year.

The Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership faces several budget challenges over the next financial year. Chief amongst them are the increasing costs of Community Prescribing which has added a £9.9m budgetary pressure and the increased demand for Adult and Older Adult Support Packages which will see a pressure on £6.2m.

Chair of the Aberdeenshire IJB, Cllr Anne Stirling, said: “This is one of the most challenging years financially that we have ever had for the Aberdeenshire IJB and members have had to make very difficult decisions about how we deliver a balanced budget.

“Across health and social care, we are facing a perfect storm of ever-increasing demand for our services as our population ages, high rates of inflation which have impacted on everything from the electric we use to food we provide in our Care Homes, and stagnant funding. All of which means we have to be scrupulous about how we use the precious resources we do have.”

Vice Chair, John Tomlinson, agreed, adding: “This coming year will be a difficult one for the AHSCP as the team works to make efficiencies and savings across every budget line. We know it will be tough and I would like to take a moment to thank everyone working in the Partnership for all that they do.”

The papers discussed today are available to read here: https://aberdeenshire.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments...

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Source: Aberdeenshire IJB site